Modern vehicle fleet for the most reliable services

The highest quality services can be provided only by state-of-the-art vehicles that are being operated by trained and reliable personnel. In the company West transport, we pay particular attention to this and ensure optimal conditions. The average age of our vehicles is only 2.5 years which ensures smaller failure options and contributes to a timely delivery of the goods. In addition, our vehicles are also environmentally friendly.

Our vehicle fleet is comprised out of 22 personal lorries with the load carrying capacity up to 25 tons that meets the required European ecological standards (EURO motors):

  • 17 classical towing vehicles (90 m3)
  • 5 long- combination vehicles – motor vehicles with trailers 7,65m + 7,65m (120 m3)

In accordance with the European ecological standards, all our trucks are equipped for the transportation of hazardous substances (ADR). Our trucks are also equipped with a top-of-the-notch navigation system, which allows tracking the route of the transportation for our clients.

Why choose West transport?

  • a modern vehicle fleet for outstanding reliability;
  • guaranteed travel time of 24 hours in Slovenia and from 48 to 96 hours across Europe;
  • concern for an accurate and timely delivery;
  • highly-skilled personnel;
  • more than 30 years of tradition.

We guarantee the organisation of the entire logistics tailored to each of our customer with our personal capacities and, if needed, we can include equally equipped vehicles of our cooperants. We can offer classical transportation with truck tarpaulins from 1 to 38 pallets, road groupage transport, volume transport, we also provide transport organisation related services (forwarding services). We are always prepared to help you with finding the optimal solution for your situation.

Map coverage

We transport in and out of the following countries:

Denmark, Germany, Austria, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Great Britain, The Netherlands, Luxemburg, Poland, The Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia.