Fulfil legal standards fast and easy

In accordance with the law, the installation and use of digital tachographs is obligatory. Tachographs allow you to download data from a driver’s card at least every 28 days, the transmission of the data at least every 90 days, saving data for 2 years after the expiry of the period and record keeping of the working time of drivers.

Transport companies must follow the new requirements and ensure that the tachographs are properly installed and in accordance with the law.

You can leave the worrying to us because we can offer you everything you need:

  • Recording data from digital tachographs and driver’s cards
  • Data processing
  • The preparation of statutory printouts and records
  • Saving the data on CDs (for the inspection)
  • Data archiving
  • Advice in relation to the law and other traffic regulations
  • The option to purchase paper for the use in digital tachographs