Customer sales, service and complaint handling

We are the authorized seller and servicer for Varta automotive batteries. If you have purchased a Varta automotive battery and it stops working during the warranty period, you can also make a complaint.

A trademark of quality

Varta is the largest manufacturer of batteries in Europe and one of the leading manufacturers of batteries for the first installation. It is a symbol of cutting-edge, world-approved German quality.

Varta batteries achieve maximum effect in all their properties. An innovative alloy of calcium and silver enables a 20-percent longer life span of the batteries, exceptional driving resistance on shorter routes and better resistance against rust. The high start-up power provides start up even at the lowest temperatures. Reduced self-discharged rate allows storage for up to 18 months. Available are appropriate models for almost all private and heavy goods vehicles.

The following VARTA batteries are available:

  • VARTA PROmotive SHD
  • VARTA Start - Stop
  • VARTA Silver dynamic
  • VARTA Blue dynamic
  • VARTA Black dynamic